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As he points out, the laws of the state are designed to ensure that any Jew in the world (regardless of whether or not they have any factual ancestral connection to the historic land of Palestine, now occupied by Israel) can “return” to Israel, while Palestinian refugees, who have been constantly kicked out of their homes by Israel since 1948, are entirely barred from returning to homes they or their grandparents were born in.

Follow the news from Palestine about daily Israeli practices on the ground, and one quickly sees that Israel is not a democracy in in meaningful sense of the word.

Israel set up the new security measures last week after Arab gunmen opened fire from the shrine, killing two Israeli policemen.

It said they were a necessary measure to prevent more attacks and were deployed routinely at holy sites around the world.

The Law declares the right of Jews to come to Israel: "Every Jew has the right to come to this country as an oleh." Follow-up legislation on immigration matters was contained in the Nationality Law of 1952.

The Law of Return was modified in 1970 to extend the right of return to non-Jews with a Jewish grandparent, and their spouses.

In the Law of Return, the State of Israel put into practice the Zionist movement's "credo" which called for the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state.

As Sand demonstrates, there is no unified secular culture that knits together these various different peoples.) The state officially discriminates against the indigenous population of historic Palestine – who awoke one day in 1948 to find that they were suddenly defined as “Israeli Arabs” by a state that, at best, regards them with suspicion.

My colleague Ben White‘s second book is the best introduction to this topic.

Long-standing Israeli propaganda has it that Israel is the “only democracy in the Middle East”.

The statements of Western political leaders, particularly from the US and UK, often also make this claim as part of their justification for fostering ties with Israel.

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