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In particular, as the solitary lifestyle of is considered to be the ancestral condition in bees, nutritionally regulated plasticity may have been an ancestral condition in all bees that facilitated the evolution of other forms of phenotypic plasticity, such as the castes of social bees. Adults readily nest in large aggregations in artificial nesting domiciles placed in commercial alfalfa fields.

Phenotypic plasticity can be an adaptive response to environmental variation (Simpson et al. 2013) and an important facilitator of evolution (West-Eberhard 1989, 2005; Moczek 2005; Moczek et al. Plasticity allows selection to act independently on alternative phenotypes, potentially allowing for more rapid evolution and greater divergence (West-Eberhard 1989, Tomkins and Moczek 2009, Snell-Rood et al. Plastic phenotypes present in ancestral populations may affect the evolutionary trajectory of novel traits by influencing which phenotypes are exposed to selection and constraining the mechanisms through which evolutionary change can occur (Shaw et al. Females nest in preexisting cavities and build brood cells in a linear series.

Each month, we post an update to notify our readers about the latest archival collections to be processed and some highlights of our print material acquisitions. Hailing from Texas and Scotland, respectively, Julia and Finlay Graham met in post-World World II Palestine and served in the Middle East as Southern Baptist missionaries for the next forty years.

These resources are primed for research and are just a sampling of the many resources to be found at The Texas Collection! Though most of the collection documents their teaching and evangelistic ministries, their papers also contain glimpses into the politics of the Middle East, as the Grahams witnessed events such as the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the Lebanese Civil War.

The San Jacinto Symposium celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with its conference on April 18 in Houston.

And now, the symposium’s history is preserved online.

Baylor’s award-winning oral historians equip participants to get started using oral history methodology through instruction on project design, ethical and legal considerations, recording equipment, interviewing techniques, and processing and preserving oral history.

Find out more about the “Getting Started with Oral History” workshop and register, beginning June 10, at or e-mail [email protected]

While the Brazos Queen is no longer in service, this establishment is now Buzzard Billy’s. Located at only eight libraries in the world, this exceedingly rare 1845 volume highlights President Mirabeau B. Also included is an extensive account of several other leaders of the Republic of Texas. Closer to home, I also processed and created a finding aid for the records of the Waco Regional Baptist Association.

Phenotypic plasticity involves adaptive responses to predictable environmental fluctuations and may promote evolutionary change.

We studied the regulation of phenotypic plasticity in an important agricultural pollinator, the solitary alfalfa leafcutting bee ( diapause plasticity and how diapause plasticity affects adult female reproductive behavior.

Although these studies will have to be written by other scholars, I hope that I have made their jobs easier through my work over the summer.

Museum Studies graduate student Valencia Johnson For an aspiring archivist with my disposition and imagination, spending time with papers is ideal.

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Field surveys and laboratory manipulations of aspects of larval diet demonstrated nutritional regulation of adult female reproductive behavior. Identifying the mechanisms of plasticity is important for understanding how species adapt to environmental change and how plasticity may influence evolutionary dynamics.

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